What Orange County Acupuncture Patients Say

Testimonials from Chapman Acupuncture Clients

Located in Orange County, California, Chapman Acupuncture Clinic has helped a number of patients find freedom from pain and other health conditions.

Have you ever felt excrutiating pain? That is what I feel in my back and why I visit Dr. Rigi. Five years ago, I met Dr. Rigi to receive my first treatment of acupuncture and my life has improved dramatically.

When I come in for treatment, I immediately calm down because the atmosphere is so soothing. There is relaxing music playing quietly and Dr. Rigi's caring and knowledgeable bedside manner puts me quickly at ease.

The treatment itself is quite painless. I have often dozed off while treatment was taking place. Another thing I like about acupuncture is that there are no side effects as with pain medication. I continue to feel better for days after treatment when I follow the doctor's instructions, such as, "Drink lots of water. Apply heat." Thanks Dr. Rigi for helping to relieve my pain. It's a miracle!

Steve, Orange

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