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Frequently Asked Questions

Seeking acupuncture treatment in Orange County? Use our FAQs below to learn about the process and what to expect from treatment. You can also learn more on our Resources and Links page.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a powerful medicine that helps strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, control pain, increase the ability to function and improve the quality of a person's life.

A well-developed, whole health care system, acupuncture is based on natural energetic laws. Dating back 5,000 years as a primary health care system in China, acupuncture is now widespread in Asia, Europe and the United States.

How does acupuncture work?

As a system of medicine, acupuncture uses natural laws and energetic principles that are rooted in Taoism. By applying needles, energy and pressure to specific points in the body, acupuncture enables these points to regulate the free flow of vital energy, known as "qi" ("chi," pronounced "chee").

By stimulating or reducing vital energy flow, the qi ("chi"), through specific points in the body, acupuncture can prevent or treat disease.

How does acupuncture work with meridians?

Each organ in the body has meridians—known as energy pathways—outside of the body, with a total of 12 primary meridians and two extra meridians.

Acupuncture opens or closes the specific "gates" or points grouped along the meridian lines, which go deep into the body. Acupuncture treatment strengthens or sedates, monitors and balances the qi to achieve the desired result.

Does it hurt?

Patients generally do not feel pain during needle insertion. At Chapman Acupuncture Clinic, Dr. Rigi works quickly when inserting the needles through the skin. Upon needle insertion, patients will feel a relaxing sensation and a rush of energy.

Is acupuncture sanitary?

Yes. Chapman Acupuncture Clinic uses disposable needles, then discards them in accordance with medical biohazard regulations and guidelines.

How long do sessions last?

At Chapman Acupuncture Clinic in Tustin, California, treatment sessions range from 40 minutes to one hour.

How long does it take to examine and diagnose to determine acupuncture treatment?

During your first visit to Chapman Acupuncture Clinic, Dr. Rigi will conduct an extensive interview to look for vital clues to an overall pattern of health or disease. She will then check the subtle variations in your pulse. These methods provide a wealth of information about the strengths and weaknesses of your organs. She will observe the sound of voice, the condition of your tongue, smell, overall appearance of your face and skin and your emotions—all important indicators of your overall condition. Dr. Rigi will determine which specific points on your body to use.

How effective is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is highly effective not only as a preventative medicine but also as a drug free treatment. Studies show that acupuncture influences the central and peripheral nervous system. Evidence shows it releases endorphins from the brain which make acupuncture particularly effective in pain control and relaxation.

Acupunture works with the body's energy, strengthening and balancing energy. It improves circulation and allows the body to heal istelf more quickly and more completely.

Is Western medicine incorporating acupuncture into its system?

Western medical doctors have developed great interest in incorporating acupuncture, particularly as they have noticed its impact and success with addictions, AIDS, sports injuries, trauma, and pain relief.

Western doctors are discovering that medications can suppress or stimulate electrical impulses within the body however, they cannot regulate it in the way in which acupuncture can.


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