5 Elements of Acupuncture

A Principle Followed at Chapman Acupuncture Clinic

At Chapman Acupuncture Clinic in Tustin, California, the 5 elements are essential to Dr. Rigi's practice; they lie at the root of ancient Eastern healing techniques. How these 5 elements—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—manifest and balance within each of us make a difference in our overall well-being. When you come in for your free consultation, ask Dr. Rigi to explain this principle to you. We're sure you'll find it fascinating!

  Element Organ Color Environmental Factor Taste Emotion
wood_acupuncture_element Wood Liver Green Wind Sour Anger
fire_acupuncture_element Fire Heart Red Heat Bitter Joy
earth_acupuncture_element Earth Stomach Yellow Dampness Sweet Meditation
metal_acupuncture_element Metal Lung White Dryness Pungent Grief
water_acupuncture_element Water Kidney Black Cold Salty Fear

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